bring balance to the bench

My 14 years of professional experience in court, with law enforcement, and with community matters has made me uniquely qualified to balance legal knowledge in an unbiased manner, with common sense, and human understanding.”


Justice Court is the first encounter with the judicial system for someone accused of committing a crime.  A Justice of the Peace is responsible for determining whether or not enough evidence exists for a case to stand trial and whether or not someone should be released from custody.   It is critical that the presiding judge maintain a fair, balanced, and unbiased temperament to make decisions in order to protect law-abiding citizens in our community. There is no room for error.

                “I am running because these judicial qualities are my strengths.”

A Justice of the Peace must have the ability to communicate with and relate to every person involved in all aspects of cases – litigants, defendants, victims, prosecutors, defense attorneys, civil attorneys, law enforcement officers, and citizens. The judge must have an ability to balance every one's right to be heard and to be judged fairly.

           “I pride myself on my willingness to listen impartially to all parties.”

Our criminal justice system needs certain reforms.  Issues involving incarceration, bail, and rehabilitation are being debated now among legislators, law enforcement, the courts, and the community.  Balancing rights of all people involved in the legal system is key to maximizing public safety with the needed criminal justice reform.
Elect Shanon-Clowers-Sanborn 

Justice of the Peace, Department 12